Jersey City Dance Academy | First Day Jitters
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First Day Jitters

11 Sep First Day Jitters

What can I expect on the first day of class?

The first day of dance is an important day. Whether you are 3 or 43, student or parent, this moment is often met with excitement, anxiety, curiosity and fear.  Many questions can’t be answered until you walk into the dance space with your teacher and peers for the first time. We hope to help you transition more smoothly into your new classes.

Common Questions:

  • Did I choose the correct class?
  • Will I like my teacher?
  • Will my teacher like me?
  • Do I have the correct shoes, tights, leotard?
  • Will I be able to perform the movement correctly?
  • Will my friends be in class?
  • Who else is in my class?
  • Will I be the oldest/ youngest/ tallest/ shortest/ thinnest/ largest/ smartest/ slowest person in the class?
  • What is this style of dance like?

    Don’t worry! You’ll be fine! Many students and parents have similar concerns.

    We’ve compiled a short list of things you, and your peers, can do to help you better prepare and feel great about your first day of class:

  1. Do Your Homework: JCDA has a printed dress code and class descriptions available at the desk. Also, many students won’t have the proper dance attire during the first few weeks.
  2. Put Your Name in all of your dance shoes! Use a permanent maker and write the name inside of the shoe. This helps us get lost shoes back to the correct owners.
  3. Have a Dedicated Dance Bag and Pack it the Night Before: This is a simple tip that can save much panic and stress.  When you buy or decide which bag will hold your dance clothes, keep them there at all times. This reduces the risk of lost shoes and tights, a common occurrence.   Having a dance bag makes it easier to grab your things and go (especially during quick morning or afternoon transitions).
  4. Arrive Dressed: When possible, dress at home and wear cover-ups over your dancewear to the studio.  There is a dressing room available, but it is easier to be dressed and ready.
  5. Arrive Early:  Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to your first class. This will give you a buffer in cases of traffic delays.  It will also give you time to use the restroom, adjust to the new space, put on your dance shoes and be ready by the start of class.
  6. Be Ready: Quietly wait outside your classroom door for your teacher to welcome you in. It is disruptive to walk into class late, so always be ready to start when the teacher begins the class–this includes hair, dress, and punctuality.
  7. Be Attentive: There are many things to think about during class, so be sure to focus on class related things only to get the most out of your class.  Be aware of your peers and your usage of space.  Listen to the music for rhythm, tempo, and accents that will inform your movement. Be aware of your face and body language.
  8. Have Fun! If you prepare, open your mind to new possibilities, and try your best, you’re sure to have an excellent first day of class.

P.S. Don’t forget to thank your teacher!