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Fall Registration Info

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Please look at the attached documents - Registration Info & Schedule.

Registrtation info
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COVID - 19 details

1. Class size - All classes are currently limited to 10 students to ensure we meet social distancing guidelines and capacity requirements. Per the state of NJ the studio is currently limited to a total of 25.

2. Class Schedule – Classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 15th.

a. All classes will alternate between in person and Zoom because of the state of NJ’s limit on the total number of people in the facility. This will ensure everyone receives in person classes.

b. Only two classes will run at a time. We will alternate the weekly period by levels. Please see schedule for details.

c. All in person classes are subject to state guidelines and will move to virtual if regulations change.

3. Entry/Exit – Only students are allowed in the building. All movement through the studio will be one way - Enter through front doors and exit through Emergency exit.

4. Facemasks – all teachers, students and staff are required to wear facemasks when in or near the studio. There are no exceptions to this requirement. If you chose to not wear a mask then you may take classes via Zoom.

5. Hand cleaning/sanitizing – All entering the studio must sanitize their hands. Anyone using the bathroom must wash their hands.

6. Temperature checks – anyone entering the studio will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature at 100 degrees or above will not be admitted to the studio. Parents MUST stay until their student has had their temperature taken and has been admitted into the studio.

7. Food / Drink –

a) No food is permitted. We are prohibited from selling snacks by state regulations.

b) Water bottles with straws can be brought into the classroom.

8. Health

a. If your child is not feeling well, please keep them home. See chart on what to do

b. We will be following the NJ State Regulations for COVID-19 safety.

c. Any parent or child refusing to adhere to safety guidelines will not be allowed in the dance studio until you adhere to the guidelines. No refunds for missed classes.

9. Missed Classes –

a. If a class is missed you may make it up via a Zoom recording. You must email the studio to request the Zoom recording link of the missed class. We only keep recordings for 1 week.

b. If you prefer an in-person make-up class you must make a reservation to ensure space is available. Call the studio to schedule. VIP members have 1st choice of make-up class - if space is available. Available space is first come, first served and there are no guarantees space will be available.

c. Remember, there are no refunds for a missed class. 4 extra classes are built into the schedule to account for illness and snow days if you begin in September + you can make it up via Zoom.

10. Alternate locations - In an event where we are unable to hold classes in person at the dance studio alternate arrangements will be made. This could include but not limited to, outdoors, an alternate location, or online using a service like Zoom. Your contract is for dance classes by Jersey City Dance Academy not the location of the classes.

11. Class length - classes will now be 50 minutes long to allow for cleaning between classes. Weekday classes will begin on the hour and end at :50min. Saturday classes will begin on the ½ hour and end at :20min

12. Class Viewing - Class viewing is not allowed due to social distancing.

13. No visitors - non-students, extra family member, siblings etc are not allowed in the studio due to social distancing.

14. No extra items in the studio – Students may only bring a bag, shoes, coat, disposable water bottle.

15. Early Childhood

a. Early childhood parents can bring their children into the building but are asked to wait for their children in the parking lot. A cell phone list will be at the desk so parents can be called if their child needs assistance.

b. Anyone entering the building must wear a face mask and observe social distancing.

c. Early Childhood classes will have a $20 Prop Fee. Each student will have their own set of props for use either in class or at home. Students will not be sharing props.


Anyone registering now will be on the 10 Payment Plan. Payment # 1 is due at registration. The next 9 payments are made on the 1st of the month from October through June. (Please remember this is an annual tuition split into 10 payments.)

1. Registration – Live or Virtual

  • When registering you must choose live class or virtual. Both will be listed.

  • Choose virtual if you think you will keep your child out for a few weeks to see how things go.

2. If you choose virtual classes, you must remain on Zoom classes until January. At that time, you can choose to move to live classes if there is room in the live class.

3. Students who are registered for in person classes may opt for virtual if the are unable to be at the studio. The studio must be notified in advance so a Zoom Link can be sent out.

4. The annual Registration Fee is $30 per family.

5. Costume deposits will be broken into two payments of $42.50 which will be due on October 1st, and November 1st.

  • Please note: recital costume cost is based on last year’s cost. If COVID-19 causes a significant cost increase we will have to raise costume prices.

  • Late fee – a $10.00 late fee per costume will be applied after 11/10/20.

6. Online registration is encouraged. In person registration will only be done by appointment.

7. Payments should be made through the parent portal. If you need to make an in person payment you will need to make an appointment.

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