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It's our 50th anniversary so come celebrate with us!  
Because it's not just about dance.  It's about nurturing our dancers' minds and bodies. Yes, some of our dancers have gone to college for dance and the arts. but some have become lawyers, scientists, doctors, engineers, MBAs, and more. We nurture both potential artists and recreational dancers.  ALL of our dancers develop passion, commitment, and work ethic 2nd to none.  That's why we say, "Where Movement Becomes Magic!"

How do we do that?  We use a progressive approach built on technique and fun.  If you don't love what you are doing you won't work hard to be better. We encourage all our dancers to discover dance and movement in order to better understand themselves.


Where does it all begin? It starts in our Early Childhood program for ages 3 - 5.  They master the basic concepts through imagination and exploration. As a student progresses they are challenged with the latest dance innovations and choreography while emphasizing technique, safe work habits, personal responsibility, and concentration.

As students get older they are encouraged to explore our various performance opportunities.

Experience the magic yourself!

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